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How We Sell Our Beef

We finish our cattle on grass, and they are butchered at 24-30 months of age.Our beeves are processed at Memphis Meat Processing Plant in Memphis, IN. This is a USDA inspected plant and does excellent work. We have been very pleased with their service and have used them as our processor since the very beginning.

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farm store location

  • Individual Cuts are priced per pound, not per item.

  • Once your order is ready, we will contact you via email or cell to let you know what your total is.  At that time, we will work out a time for you to come to the farm and pick it up.


  • We will work with you to schedule a time to pick up your Individual Cuts, Sample Boxes from the farm office:  
    7747 S. Old Palmyra Rd., Pekin IN, 47165

Individual Cut Pricing (per pound)


T-bone                $18

Filet                      $21

Strip                     $17

Sirloin                  $14

Ribeye                 $20

Skirt                    $14

Flank                 $14

Cube                 $8


Breakfast Sausage            $8.50


Chuck                   $9

Rump                   $8

Shoulder              $9

Sirloin Tip            $9

Brisket                  $9

Shank                   $9

Stew Meat            $8

Bones & Fat

Marrow Bones                  $5

Knuckle Bones                  $3

Leaf Fat                               $2


Ground Beef (80/20)        $8

¼ lb. Patties                       $9

Organ Meat

Liver                $2.50

Kidney             $2.50

Sweetbread     $2.50


Ox Tail             $3.50

Heart                $3.50

Tongue            $3.50

ground beef.jpg


  • 25 lb. Ground Beef Box: $190

Includes 25 pounds of our delicious ground beef packaged into approximately 1 lb. packages.

  • 25 lb. Variety Box: $250

Includes 12 pounds of ground beef packaged in 1 lb. packages, plus 13 pounds of a mixture of roasts and steaks.  

**These boxes are available for pick up at our farm in Pekin, Indiana, but due to high demand, please call first to see what we have in stock.

FULL SIDE  (1/2 of a beef)

  • $5.45/lb (vacuum sealed in plastic)

  • Based on hanging weight

  • If you purchase a side, you may specify how you would like your meat cut and packaged. For example, you may want the brisket left whole or you may want the brisket ground into burger.

  • Typically, a side has a hanging weight between 270 to 330 lbs. (Hanging weight is the weight after the animal has been slaughtered, but before the meat has been cut up and the bones removed.)  This yields 60-70% packaged meat, which is between 175 and 215 lbs.

Due to high demand, please contact us if you would like to order a full or half side, so we can confirm availability.

HALF SIDE  (1/4 of a beef)

  • $5.65/lb (vacuum sealed in plastic)

  • Based on hanging weight

  •  A half side will be processed according to our specifications.

  • A half side order is cut and packaged in a standard way since someone else is getting the other half.

  • Typically, a half side has a hanging weight between 135 to 165 lbs. This yields 60-70% packaged meat, which is between 88-108 lbs.  

**Typically Full or Half Side orders must be picked up at our meat processor, Memphis Meats, located in Memphis, Indiana. A $100 deposit must also be paid when the order is placed.

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